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Together with FotoFabrika, the photographers: Alex Zoboli, Arianna Arcara, Stefania Bosso and Teresa dalle Carbonare are working for 10 days, touring Sofia, documenting our everyday life.


21.05, 18.30



The Italian photographic team Cesura shoots and presents a new way of seeing Sofia

Photobuster is an exhibition and a visual literacy project presented by the Italian team Cesura. Visual arts professionals work together at producing a meaningful corpus of works documenting and exploring a concrete location. The Cesuralab developed a project whereby photography could take advantage of its role as a privileged instrument for understanding reality, an instrument giving us an opportunity to think about the present and the coordinates that define our world. The most important purpose is to make the city district hosting the project an active part of the whole artistic process.

Cesura will be shooting in Sofia 10th-20th May 2019, opening their exhibition on 21st May 2019.

Meet Cesura

Cesura was founded in 2008 as a team of independent Italian photographers. The main goal of the collective is to create and produce singular photographic projects. The professionals work together, sharing and using their talents, which gives them the opportunity to engage in both group and individual projects.

When and where

21.05 - 04.06
Serdica Gallery, Stefan Stambolov Blvd (the Women’s Market, at the cross with Lozengrad St.)

working hours Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 to 19:00