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Photo Finish


Photography Competition

A contest for the best photographic image on a preselected topic. The registration opens on 20 of May at noon. To find out more information please visit

The Photomarathon will traditionally include a treat for young photographers with great imaginations. Besides the regular Photomarathon on 2nd July there will be a Children’s Photomarathon in celebration of the International Children’s Day.

Photomarathon Sofia is organized by FotoFabrika with the financial support of Sofia Municipality, Program Europe 2019, together with The Czech Centre Sofia.

When and where

Children’s Photomarathon: Sredetz House of Culture, 2A Krakra St

Meeting point: the patio of Sredetz House of Culture

02.06, 10.30
the Amphitheatre at the National Palace of Culture park, Fridtjof Nansen St.